Caring for Your Backyard Garden Use The Right Tools

Caring For Your Backyard Garden

By Dan Annweiler

The tools and accessories used for fighting plant pests and weeds in your backyard garden are of two kinds. The first is the equipment needed to afford physical safeguards for your flowers and vegetable plants. The second are those designed to apply pesticides and herbicides.

Protecting Your Garden Plants From The Cold

Of the first one of the most helpful among gardening implements is the covered frame. This frame is made up of a timber box, some eighteen inches to two feet square and approximately eight inches high. It is covered with glass, protective cloth, mosquito netting or insect wire. The first two coverings have the greatest benefit of safeguarding your backyard garden plants from the cold.

Protecting your plants from freezing allows you to plant sooner rather than later. You can use either glass or protective cloth extensively in getting an extra early and safe start. Especially with plants like cucumbers, melons as well as zucchini and eggplant.

Protecting Your Backyard Garden From Weeds And Pests

For the purpose of applying poison powders you should consider purchasing a powder gun. Though if you have to be restricted to a single tool, it will probably be better to acquire a hand-powered, compressed-air sprayers.

Compressed-air sprayers are designed for applying wet sprays. The non-cloggable automatic model of compressed-air sprayer is the most effective for most. For further extensive work, a wheeled barrel pump is advisable, but any of the above is going to do plenty of work in a short time.

Extension rods used to treat bushes and vines can be used with either the barrel pump or compressed air-sprayer. For backyard gardening on a small scale, a sturdy hand-syringe can be used. As general rule it will probably be best to spend a few dollars and get a compact tank sprayer.

Tank sprayers throw a steady flow of spray and hold a larger amount of solution. Whether you choose to buy a hand-syringe or tank sprayer, consider buying a brass one. Brass syringes and sprayers out last those made up from less expensive materials. Such lower quality syringes and sprayers often succumb quickly to the corroding action of the powerful toxic compounds and chemical products used.

Other Backyard Gardening Tools To Consider

Of tools used for the purpose of harvesting such as the spade, prong-hoe and spading-fork, only a few are needed in the small backyard garden. Most backyard gardeners don’t need to plow long, straight rows.

For the purpose of fruit picking, with extra tall trees, a wire-fingered fruit-picker, attached to the end of an extension pole, is a good investment. But with the present day technique of using low-headed trees it shouldn’t be needed.

A different class of gardening tool are the types used for pruning. Pruning should be attended to as required with no delays. A very good, sharp jack-knife and a set of pruning shears will effortlessly tackle all of the trimming and pruning work necessary.

Still another style of backyard garden equipment are those required for supporting your plants; stakes, trellises and wires for example. Not enough attention normally is given this type of garden equipment, but with proper care in storing over the winter months they will last. Plus, when in good condition will add to the convenience of cultivation and to the clean look of your garden.

A Final Word On Backyard Gardening Equipment

As a final word to the intending purchaser of backyard garden tools, I would personally recommend doing a bit of homework. Buying what you need and taking care of it will save money over time. And when investing in gardening tools, keep in mind that a superb, well-made high quality product will give you good use for a long, long time after the price is forgotten. While a poor, low quality product can be a constant source of irritation.

Find superior equipment, and take good care of it. A few bucks a year, sensibly spent, for gardening tools that are properly cared for afterward, will provide you with a complete set of high quality gardening tools. And in all likelihood, doing so will increase your backyard garden enjoyment.

Caring for Your Backyard Garden