Basic Yard Care: Understanding What Needs To Be Done

basic yard care, yard care basics, caring for your yard, basic lawn careMany renters and homeowners alike have trouble keeping up with the vast needs of their yards. If this is the case for you, it may be time to hire someone for lawn care. Before you take this step, you should make sure you are aware of the duties you will be paying someone else to do. These are the very basic yard care services you should expect.

One of the most basic responsibilities you have is to make sure your grass does not grow out of control. It is likely affecting the overall appearance of your property if it is practically a foot tall and clearly looks messy. It may even be affecting the property values of the neighborhood, since messy yards look unappealing. This is especially the case if there are weeds mixed in as well. Luckily, all lawn care professionals are aware that they will be expected to mow the area on a regularly basis, usually weekly or every other week.

But mowing is just a basic task when it comes to most yards. The professional you hire should also be prepared to edge the blades of grass that are resting against your driveway and sidewalks as well as any other borders around your yard. Otherwise, your lawn may be cut short but still appear messy, bringing down the overall look of your property. This is why competent lawn care professionals own not only lawnmowers but tools called edgers as well.

The lawn care professional you hire should also pay attention to the health of your yard as a part of any basic yard care package. It may need additional irrigation or fertilization if it looks like it is turning brown or simply not growing as it should. It may even turn out you need a different type of grass entirely if you want it to grow properly. If you want your yard to continue looking as green and lush as possible in the winter, you might want to plant winter grass, for example.

In addition, make sure the service you hire can come to your house as frequently as you need. Some yards look best when they get proper maintenance once every week, although once every two weeks is typically sufficient for most lawns. During the winter, you will probably find that your lawn requires less attention since both plants and grass grows much more slowly. In the spring and summer, at the height of the growing season, you might need your landscaper to service your yard more even more frequently.

These are just the most basic duties you can expect of your landscaper. It may turn out your yard has some special needs in order to look its best, so be sure to choose a professional who can handle this kind of job. This way, you can feel confident your property looks good year round.

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Basic Yard Care