Build the garden of your dreams

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small garden design

Some try to make gardening a sort of mysterious task that only the initiated can enjoy. This is far from the truth! Gardens and gardening can be a very enjoyable pastime for anyone who enjoys nature and helping plants to grow.  This article looks at a few of the tasks involved in creating a garden to be proud of.


Gardens need food

Make it a point that you fertilize your garden. Manure is quite efficient in helping plants and flowers grow, although it is important to employ a commercially composted product to reduce the danger of pathogens. It’s also very important that you use some sort of fertilizer, although it doesn’t really really make too much of a difference which variety you select.

Know when a plant needs repotting

A lot of houseplants have to be repotted, although some will not be happy about their roots getting tinkered with. To examine the roots of your plants, just turn over the pot and lightly tap the underside. The plant will slip out to your hand, so you can look at the roots. Your plant may require a fresh pot if you only see primarily roots. However, if you observe few to no roots, you could leave the plant inside the current pot.

Water wisely

Sensibly water your garden. Rather than watering each individual plant using a can or hose, use a soaker hose, that can water all the plants simultaneously. Make sure that your water pressure placed to low, so that no injury will come to any tender plants. Let it water your plants for some hours, which means you are free to complete other stuff.

Summer isn’t the only growing season

Don’t count the autumn months out. The autumn months might be one of the most effective growing seasons and is certainly the most colourful. Maple trees are a fall rainbow of crimsons to yellows, and so are both beech and dogwood . Some very good shrubs to select are barberry, hydrangea, and Cotoneaster, a member of the rose family.

Quite a few annuals are hardier throughout the cold months. You can maintain these kinds of plants looking awesome by pruning them whenever they become too leggy. After one or two weeks, you will notice these annuals bloom once again, and they’re going to look gorgeous in comparison with all of the winter foliage. For the colder months, you may want to try snapdragon, various petunia plants, or perhaps the tough Dianthus.

Give your plants what they need

Plants and flowers need carbon dioxide for maximum growth. When exposed to high quantities of CO2, most types of plants will definitely grow better. Installing a greenhouse is the ideal method of getting an increased amount of carbon dioxide. In this particular environment, the CO2 levels are kept higher hence the plants and flowers can experience maximum growing conditions.

Pest Protection

In case you have snails, use a blend of ammonia with water to keep them at a distance. Your valuable plants won’t be damaged from the ammonia. Actually, it changes to useful nitrogen afterwards. The snails, however, will likely be killed via the solution and no longer damage your beautiful garden. Add this concoction to your everyday gardening program, and you will see amazing results in no time at all.

Be comfortable

It’s necessary to be able to protect knees when doing gardening work. It’s challenging for a lot of people to bend while standing upright, particularly at the waist. You should kneel while looking after your plants in the interest of reducing stress for your spine. Get knee pads when you have low-growing plants. When you invest a large portion of your gardening session on your knees, it may well create problems with time. Purchase a good set of two knee pads; they’ll give a soft feel to your knees while making gardening more comfortable.

No matter how much space you have, be it a small apartment balcony or a wide open field, gardening is probably the most satisfying and relaxing of all pastimes.