Mediterranean Garden Design

mediterranean garden design
Mediterranean gardens are best known for their casual elegance. Inspired by coastal regions of Spain, Italy and France, this type of garden brings together relaxed elements and plants with formal highlights and styles. Terra cotta pots, layered fountains, statuary, Roman columns and bocce ball courts are all hallmarks of Mediterranean gardens. The plant scheme of a Mediterranean garden design plan is made of plants that provide texture, coloring and structure – think lavender, cypress trees and decorative grasses. Of all the popular backyard garden ideas the Mediterranean garden design might be the most lush.

A Mediterranean garden design will quickly transport you to another world each time you step out your door. The fragrance of the aromatic herbs, the sound of trickling water plus the warm color of terra cotta will make you want to take a seat and revel in a glass of wine. All that you’ll be missing is a view of the shimmering azure sea.

Elements of Mediterranean Garden Design

Due to the perfect climate, the people in the Mediterranean lead an outdoors lifestyle. For hundreds of years they have been gardening, making friends and eating outdoors. Three elements of Mediterranean garden design which have developed and spread are: bocce ball, tiered fountains and natural herb gardens.

Bocce ball is an Italian sport that dates back to the Roman Empire. Much like lawn bowling, the object is to position your ball closest to the jack. The sport is enjoyed on a lengthy, narrow court with two, to eight players. Want to know more about Bocce ball? Click here.

Layered or tiered fountains are located in virtually every European courtyard and plaza. Rome’s Trevi fountain is arguably the most famous on the planet. It even has its own website. Tiered garden water fountains can be quite simple or blanketed with intricate carvings and sculptures.

Natural herb gardens are extremely popular around the world. During the medieval era, monks and nuns located close to the Mediterranean became experts at growing herbs to use for both cooking and therapeutic purposes. Today this practice has become widespread for individual households. Having an herb garden enables you to easily add the fresh flavors of French and Italian cuisine to your meals.

Backyard Gardening Ideas

backyard garden ideas

5 Good Backyard Garden Ideas

Dare to be different with some fresh backyard garden ideas. Backyard garden ideas are legion, and can be used to enhance a regular piece of land into something quite magnificent.

#1 – Spanish Style Vertical Garden

A vertical garden will truly make your backyard garden ideas stand out. Now you may look at a blank wall as if you are an artist intending to create a work of art. The empty wall is your clean canvas you will completely transform into a beautiful living display of containers and blooming plants that can transform into a riot of color all year round.

Spanish style flower pot holders are offered which are specifically created to carry plastic or clay pots or maybe wicker work conical containers. Spanish style flower pot holders will give a serious flavor of the Mediterranean.This design of pot holders were originally inspired by the narrow, twisting alleyways of Southern Spain.

These garden accessories are very strong, capable of carrying quite a bit of weight, come in a variety of sizes and designs, and are very easy to use. All in all, they are a great way to turn almost any blank wall into a focal point.

#2 – Feng Shui Style Garden

In Chinese gardens Feng Shui is an underlying factor. Feng Shui garden landscaping techniques blend two separate energies, “wind” (Feng) and “water” (Shui) energies as the landscaping practice originated in China more than 3,000 years ago

“Wind energy” symbolizes good health. It is associated with good fortune and luck. One can identify this vitality in mountains, higher terrain and hills. Virtual wind energy can be realized in boulders, elevated planting beds and garden walls.

“Water energy” is also associated with health, fortune and luck and is established by including any kind of water feature within your garden. This can be as simple as a single container fountain or as elaborate as a waterfall (which will also include “mountain energy” as well). To achieve the most “water energy”, the water feature must keep the water in motion.

#4 – Japanese Garden

Undoubtedly the most famous feature of a Japanese themed garden is the Koi pond. Koi are an ornamental variety of the carp species and are prized for their beauty. A Koi pond is a water feature that’s created to support the fish. The size of the pond is determined by how many fish you intend to host. This will require some homework by you to determine what size pond it is possible to install. Koi fish pond kits are sold in many different sizes so you shouldn’t have any problems finding one to suit your situation.

After the pond is installed added garden features such as smooth stones, bamboo, and growing water plants will complete a exquisite and peaceful space.

#5 – Foliage Garden

A foliage garden is a garden with no flowers. Flowers aren’t the only things that can bring color to your backyard? There’s often talk about the rose garden, the dahlia bed, the wildflower meadow, etc. anytime the subject of gardens comes up, but there never seems to be very much talk about the leaves. But, when carefully planned and properly tended to, a foliage garden presents a pristine landscape that, depending on the vegetation selected, can be very soft and inviting. Or, it can be spectacular and incredible.

After you have your backyard garden ideas you can begin making a plan on ways to accomplish your goal. If you’re planning to landscape your backyard, make time to investigate as many different backyard garden ideas that you can find. You’ll be looking for ideas that not only look good, but fit your personal requirements,too.

Whatever your backyard garden ideas are they are worth pursuing. Just because the rest of the neighborhood uses rose bushes and grass doesn’t mean you have to as well. If you choose carefully and build a garden that is in harmony with the rest of your property and home, almost any of the backyard garden ideas we discussed here will work.

Have Fun!

Outdoor Garden Decor

outdoor garden decor
For many, a garden is an addition of the house; a living area to be beautified just like they would want to decorate the interior of their house. Much of the beauty, both in their eyes and those of the passer-by and visitor, comes from a garden layout, the plants and flowers, the bushes, the terraces, plus the grass. This kind of beauty can be brought to life with the wildlife and butterflies that visit the garden. It can also be enhanced by the choice and wise utilization of outdoor garden decor.

Different types of Outdoor Garden Decor

There are many kinds of outdoor garden decor you can consider when designing or enhancing your garden. The use of the word ‘decor’ is traditionally used for the decoration of a home interior, incorporating everything from the home furniture to the paint on the wall, as well as the fabrics used for drapes and bedding. There is no reason that a garden, an expansion of the home living space, shouldn’t also be considered in the same way.

You could argue that all of the flowers and plants in a garden are decor; actually, I would not even argue. You are trying to create a beautiful entity in which you can spend leisure time, and which provides aesthetic pleasure when you look out of your window, relax in the summer sunshine, or arrive home from a concrete jungle.

However, for the purpose of this post, we will look at outdoor garden decor being the ornamentation added to the garden plants, shrubs and flowers for both functional and artistic reasons. When that is done, then garden decor falls into a variety of popular kinds or themes, and all are worth considering.

Fountains and Waterfalls

The use of water in a garden with no natural water feature can greatly improve it. Most appreciate both the look and sound of water, and it’s definitely an aid to relaxation. I’m sure I am not the only person in the world who finds it relaxing sitting or strolling by water.

Artificial garden fountains and waterfalls will make an impressive impact on your garden, either as standalone features or included in a larger water garden and are well worth considering to help transform your garden into a complete outdoor haven.

Garden Statues and Ornaments

With a long traditional background, statues have stood the test of time being a popular decor item. Though classic statues were on a remarkable scale, for public sites or stately homes and country estates, they’ve found their own niche as outdoor garden decor in the modern and smaller garden.

Garden sculptures come in many designs and styles, some of them pursuing historic and traditional traditions, like cherubs and angels. Alternative popular subjects include animals, such as domestic dogs and cats, and wildlife such as lions and frogs.

Small statues, which some might call garden ornaments, are also offered for those of us with small gardens, without space for the larger sculptures you may see in large country gardens.

Garden Containers or Planters

An important characteristic of any garden, especially those with patios, terraces or very little visible soil, would be the containers or planters used to house some of your plants. Container gardening is a type of gardening in its own right, and you will find many books on the subject to choose the very best plants to cultivate in a confined planter.

When it comes to the planters on their own, then you will find, just like statues, a wide range of designs, made from a selection of materials. You’ll find attractive containers in concrete, Firestone, fiberglass and plastic-type material; if you like the ruddy shade of terracotta, that can be used successfully in both elegant or casual outdoor garden decor.

Planters, employed properly, can also add height and contour around areas of the garden that might seem unwelcoming, and they can certainly bring a deck or patio to life.

Other Outdoor Garden Decor Possibilities

Truly, there’s no end to the possibilities of what you can use to brighten the garden. For specific holidays, like Christmas and Valentine’s Day, you might find ornaments and decorations to hang outside or stick in the ground. There are other types of decor which may be multipurpose, with a practical or ornamental use. Types of these are decorative bird houses or garden lighting effects.

Allow your imagination some flexibility as you design your garden, discover from checking out public gardens, plus what you see online, in magazines and surrounding you, and I’m positive you are able to create a unique mix of outdoor garden decor and plantings which will be the envy of your friends and neighbors, and provide you with pleasure as long as you live there.

Gardening: Its About Finding Your Green Thumb

Finding your Green Thumb

Gardening can be therapeutic and stress relieving. Knowing which soil to purchase, which gardening equipment to buy and when to plant your seeds are some of the key questions gardeners are asking. This article has some good advice for anyone wanting to begin a garden.

If you want to grow vegetables in you backyard, it is vital that you place them in an area where they could get roughly six hours of sun on a daily basis. This allows the vegetables to grow quickly and healthily. This is true for flowers as well.

Be careful so that you do not under or over water your plants. Over watering can lead to root rot or the growth of fungal mold, which may kill your plants. Determine the moisture level of the soil regularly, and make adjustments as necessary.

The correct soil can make a big difference in how successful your gardening efforts are. What plants you desire determines what type of soil you need in your garden, and whether or not it needs to be amended. You can simply use one type of soil to make an artificial area.

Make sure your soil is healthy enough before you start planting anything. There are soil testing services that can analyze a garden’s soil content for a small charge. With those results, it’s then possible to refine and supplement the soil to make it as fertile as possible. The cost of the analysis will be easily offset by the benefits of a healthy and vibrant crop.

Gardening is a great activity to share with your children or other family members. Let your children pick their own plants and flowers; it is fun for them. Giving them permission to be covered in dirt doesn’t happen very often for most kids, and it’s even more fun with family.

Gardening can be quite a rewarding activity, but at least some knowledge is required to get your gardening off to a good start. Your gardening efforts will begin to give you enjoyment as soon as you know you have the abilities and understanding to make it happen.

Gardening-Find Your Green Thumb

Garden Ideas for Small Gardens

garden ideas for small gardens, small gardens,small garden ideas

Compelling Garden Ideas for Small Gardens

When people think of creating a garden, they usually envision themselves working in a large, sunny area while they tend to their plants. But many gardeners can find only relatively small areas to create their gardens. If you are in this situation, it is important to keep in mind that even a small garden can be an incredibly beautiful retreat from the outside world. Read some more garden ideas for small gardens.

Small gardens can greatly benefit from the strategic placement of a focal point. View the space that you have objectively. Your task is to locate the “sweet spot” in your garden area where you will install a focal point. What you choose as your focus point can be almost anything you want, a water feature, a seating area, an existing tree or retaining wall, anything at all. The key is to find a balance between using an item that will draw positive attention but will not make everything else in your garden seem irrelevant.

Using Containers in your Small Garden

One good idea is to make use of containers in your space. It makes sense to distribute containers throughout a small space. Containers can easily add a height dimension to your garden and they are a perfect way to try out new plants without having to disrupt your other plantings. Confining a new plant to a container makes it easy to get rid of if it doesn’t do well. Adding a number of containers to your small garden design allows you to change the look of your space anytime you wish. You can put a certain kind of soil in the container that best suits that specific plant, you can move the container around to make sure that the plant receives the amount of sunlight that you feel is best and much more.

Some gardeners prefer to keep their small garden spaces free from a lot of growing plants and put in just a few. My belief is that this makes for a very dull and uninteresting garden space. There should be a variety of different plants, although they should be chosen purposefully so that their colors match. In order to provide a bit of depth and make the space look bigger, install plants of different heights. Try to also choose some that have unique or differently shaped leaves.

Choose Color Based On Your Visual Goals
If your ultimate goal is to make your small garden look bigger then plant selection becomes even more important. A monochromatic look will visually increase the size of your space. Choose a color that you find pleasing and will compliment your surroundings. Then make your plant choices all in the same color family. The selection of plants with the same color avoids having too many different colors in a small garden which can easily make the space seem smaller than it really is.

Even though you might be concerned about trying out your gardening there are a number of methods to use to make the best use of the space you have. I truly hope that these simple garden ideas for small gardens will help you to get creative with your small garden space and create an oasis to die for.