Cheap Landscaping Ideas

cheap landscaping ideas
When your next project is improving the outward appearance of your home landscaping is a good answer. Before starting anything, however, take time to do the research necessary to not waste time or money on the project. While spending some money will be required, there are a number of ways you can save money and still have a great looking yard and garden. Here are a few cheap landscaping ideas to consider.

A Few Cheap Landscaping Ideas to Save You Money

Cut Edging

The first of our cheap landscaping ideas is to cut-in the edges of your garden beds. Edging materials such as ornamental stones and re-purposed wood like railroad ties are admittedly very effective but they can cost a lot of money. Using an edger tool to define your garden beds will require some upkeep but is much friendlier on the budget.

Use Native Plants

The next of our cheap landscaping ideas is to stock your garden with as many plants that are native to your location as possible. When you think about it, native plants are a perfect because they will thrive in your local conditions and so will be easier and less expensive to care for.

Start Your Plants From Seeds

The price difference between a packet of seeds and a plant in a container, even a small one, is significant. If you have the patience, it is possible to save big just by using seeds to start your garden.

Diversity is Good

Mix up the type of plants you have in your garden area. Not only will it look visually more appealing but it is better for the plants too.

Landscape Design

While it might seem strange to include design in a list of cheap landscaping ideas, doing your own design can save you a ton of money while increasing the value of your home substantially.

If you are planning to put your home up for sale any time soon, landscape design projects have the potential to bring returns anywhere between 100 and 200 percent. Transforming your property into an appealing and functional space will contribute to your home’s value. Spending just a few dollars on a garden design plan is often a wise investment that will pay off handsomely.

If you are hesitant about jumping right in, think about spending a few dollars more and consulting with a professional landscaper. Although hiring a landscaper to do your project can be very expensive, many qualified landscapers are more than happy to consult on a project for much less. To find a good landscaper ask for recommendations from local garden shops or visit the website for the National Association of Landscape Professionals.
When making your landscaping plan, be sure it is one that will work all year-round. Plant some flowers for the spring and some that will bloom in the summer. Consider year-round greenery and fall colors, as well. A landscape you can enjoy year-round will please you every day.