Creating A Beautiful Container Garden

Gardening isn’t always about having a large plot and fertile soil. When you have a zeal for watching plants developing at their own pace and nurturing them, you are likely to enjoy a container garden. With this hobby, you don’t must worry about living in a crowded city or not having a spare land for growing plants.

All you really need is some pots, potting mixture, seeds and plantlets of varied species. These container gardening supplies are easily available in all garden centers and nurseries.

What is a Container Garden?

Any form of gardening that involves use of pots, urns or other containers comes under container gardening. The versatility of usable container is numerous, you need to use anything, starting from a porcelain bowl to old tires and shoes. Container gardening has evolved a whole lot; it truly is more than just growing plants in pots and containers.

You possibly can create a spectacular garden in containers with assistance from decorative pots, creative garden supplies and a touch effort from your side.

Tips and Ideas

Growing plants in pots isn’t limited to indoor or landless gardening. Placing planters define the landscaping patterns and add interest to the obvious garden layout. Indeed, keeping potted plants in a flower garden create a special design. Also, they may be easy to head from one place to another, as per your requirements.

Gardening in containers is fun and exciting, with that you could portray your creativity and imagination. Following are some container garden ideas, on the way to guide you in making a speculative garden of your personal.

Ideas for A Container Garden

Container garden ideas are endless; you can also make it as simple as growing flowers in regular pots or use your imagination to create a different effect. Like as an example; plant low-maintenance succulents and xerophytic plants to create a rusty touch on your garden.

Another easy container garden idea is take an enormous pot with a wide mouth and plant vibrant colored seasonal flowers.

Container Garden Supplies
Supplies required for container gardening include pots (preferably wide glazed ceramic pots) of 15-20 quarts size having drainage holes, potting soil and plants. Preparing potting media as per the requirements of container garden plants is a basic step. That you could skip this hassle by picking out ready-made potting mixture, sold in nurseries. Based on the chosen plants, that you could select potting media having correct ingredients.

Select the Plants

Choosing appropriate plants is the secret behind maintaining healthy container plants. Even a small porch is also full of potted plants and flowers. Varieties of annual plants suited to a container garden are begonia, lobelia, periwinkle, impatiens, marigolds, snapdragon and zinnia.

Container gardens are not very restricted to flowers and vegetables. Actually, you will grow fruits, shrubs and bushes in pots.

Container Garden Vegetables

Whether you are saying container gardening for vegetables or vegetable gardening in containers, it remains one and same thing this is growing vegetables and culinary herbs in pots. Vegetables that perform well in containers are peppers, squash, tomatoes and lettuce; while in herb section, you will select basil, sage, thyme and oregano.

All leafy vegetables grow best in pots, even supposing they receive light for fewer hours.

Growing Container Garden Plants

While adding growing media, be sure that the end soil is 2 inch below the rim of the pots. Consider to position a draining tray below the pots. Then, make holes inside the soil consistent with the scale of the basis ball. Place plants within the holes and cover roots with potting mixture.

Slightly press soil and water thoroughly. Water plants when the end soil gets dry and supplement them with compost usually. It’s best to add a layer of mulch above the head soil. Mulching can help you conserve moisture and control weed growth.

Container Garden Advantages

The easiest part with container gardening is of simple weed control and pest control. Regularly inspect for pest and disease infestations. At the first sight of diseases, remove the affected parts and destroy them. If possible, isolate the pots having diseased plants until they maintain normal growth. While you wouldn’t have a green thumb, you could surely maintain healthy plants and fruits in containers.

After you are well familiar with the fundamental container gardening tips, experiment planting orchids and exotic plants. Nothing can also be as relaxing as seeing green vegetables growing, vivid colored flower buds blooming and fruiting ripening inclusive of formation of seeds. With container garden ideas, you won’t get a bet to present excuses for not having a green environment. So, do not miss this fun hobby of building a horny garden that involves fiddling with containers and plants.