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If you are a novice at gardening, pulling off some of the more elaborate contemporary garden designs can be challenging. To help you through that uncertainty, here are a few basic ideas to keep in mind.

Fundamentals of Contemporary Garden Designs

The first, second, third, and last thing you should remember is that, unless you have the time to invest, any garden design needs to be low maintenance. The romance and satisfaction of a newly installed garden quickly dims when fighting pests, weeds, and the weather.

Less Can Be More

One effective way to minimize the labor and time required to keep a garden tidy is to reduce the area dedicated to your new garden design. A design that looks great on paper can easily become a herculean task if its too big. Keeping the area of the garden under control so it becomes a part of your landscape rather than the landscape itself goes a long way towards reducing your workload.

Reducing the land area also has the benefit of fewer plants being installed which will also save time, energy, and money. This is also a consideration if you want a low maintenance garden; fewer plant = less work!

Create a Design to Work all Year

Unless you live in an area where the climate is constant year round, the change of seasons will have a great impact on your garden’s appearance. Plants will die or go dormant, trees lose their leaves, and grass withers. Many contemporary garden designs effectively keep the garden usable and attractive year round by including hardscape decks or patios in the garden design. Including hardscape in your design also further reduces the number of plants required.

Other Features

Your new garden can be even more interesting any time of year by adding features like pergolas, trellises, and lattice. Including these vertical elements will allow you to include climbing vines that require little maintenance while adding a great deal of beauty.

If your budget allows, water features such as fountains, ponds, or small running streams are hard to beat in any garden. The same can also be said for lighting at night. Both require a more robust budget and, frequently, professional installation. But the payoff in mood and ambiance is well worth it.

Regardless of which of the contemporary garden designs you choose, the final outcome will be based on your tastes and individual circumstances. Keep in mind that there is no “right” or “wrong” design so let your creativity flow and enjoy the results.

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