Creating A Container Garden

Creating a Container Garden

Plenty of gardeners have given up on the concept of a garden because they lack space, time or lots of experience. But if cultivating plants is an interest of yours, ┬ácontainer gardening could possibly be your solution. Container gardens will allow you to enjoy “playing in the dirt” without investing lots of time or money. You can get very creative in container gardening using vegetables, decorative grasses or flowers and herbs. It’s possible to plant a container garden with any plant that will grow outside. The key is to develop some creative ideas for your container garden.


You’ll want to do some research in your local nursery or on-line to find the plants you wish to grow to help you develop ideas. Try to use plants that complement one another and also have the same basic needs for water, air and light.


A container garden concept that has taken off lately is the landscape container. Some individuals plant a simple evergreen tree inside a container with good drainage to place at their front door. Or you might plant an assortment of flowers to get a bright and delightful vista. If you do plant flowers, add plants that spill over the sides of the container to provide more visuals and interest. Regardless of what container gardening idea you can put together may be placed on a deck, patio, and balcony or by the front doors. Position them someplace that your friends and family can also enjoy.


You’re able to nurture vegetables in pots but choose wisely. Vegetables like squash and pole beans need plenty of room, while tomatoes need a deep pot. As you cultivate your own vegetables you’ll have tasty produce not the bland stuff that is in the food store. Nothing tastes better compared to a tomato right off the vine. There are lots of chefs and good home cooks that grow their own for just this reason. Remember to pot some herbs, they are pretty plants and add enjoyment to your meals.


But don’t just stick with vegetables and herbs; why don’t you consider add fruit trees too? Instead of using an evergreen tree, pot a fruit tree instead. There are plenty of dwarf varieties available that work best in pots since with pots there’s less soil therefore less nutrients to draw from. If you are located in a year round warm climate citrus trees are perfect. In some other regions, stick to pear, apple and cherry trees. Yet another good container gardening idea is to grow strawberries. With strawberries weather conditions doesn’t matter because you can take the container inside. Fresh strawberries are astonishingly sweet and delicious. Imagine how good a bowl of fresh strawberries are going to be using strawberries that you have just picked.


Bear in mind container gardens dry out quicker than traditional gardens. Be diligent about watering your plants.

If you aren’t, your wonderful gardening ideas just might wither and die. Container gardens must be fertilized as well. Maintain a notebook handy so that you can write down the needs of your plant so that you will always know when you should water or feed your plants. Look out for pests. If you find a container that has an infestation, isolate it immediately and treat it with a organic pesticide. You don’t want chemicals on your developing fruits, vegetables or herbs. Here is a natural pesticide recipe that works quite well:


2 hot peppers

1 large onion

1 whole bulb of garlic

1/4 cup water


Put everything in the food processor and add water if needed. Blend until a mash is produced. Cover the mash with 1 gallon hot (not boiling) water and allow it to stand 24 hours. Then Strain. Use the resultihg mixture to spray on roses, azaleas, and vegetables to kill bug infestations. Bury the mash in the ground where bugs are heaviest. This mixture is wonderful for thrips, aphids, grasshoppers, as well as chewing and sucking insects


So, do a little analysis, come up with your special one of a kind container gardening ideas, gather your stuff and get to work. The fruit of your work is going to be astounding.