designing a small pond?

Were on the brink of move to a new apartment. Well be on the first floor with a big patio (5 feet deep, 13 ft long). Dont laugh, but I need a tiny raised pond and garden accessible!!! I am super excited, and am designing it right this moment. I figure, against one of the most side walls, Ill build a raised garden (about 2 feet raised up), about 8 inches wide, against the complete 5 ft length of the patio wall. directly in front of that Ill build the pond 2 feet wide and almost the length of the patio wall, I need to go away 6 inches or so on both sides of the pond for the garden to return around the edges of it. I figure I will be able to use a massive rubbermaid tub for the ” base” of the pond, and build a stone wall around it. The pond shall be 1 and a half- 2 feet deep. In one corner (the single where the sliding glass door is) I would like a small waterfall. I am hoping Ive explained this right. I know I will be able to desire a filter and a pump for the waterfall.

But, I even have a couple of questions:
1) What’s going to the perfect plants be to grow AROUND the pond? Id like them to be pleasing to the eye, and thrive with partial sunlight, maybe some tall grassy looking plants? Bloom is absolutely not important or perhaps necessary.
2) What plants should I put within the pond? We had a pond once I was growing up, and the pond plants were just BEAUTIFUL. However, I dont know what plants will stay small enough for this sort of tiny pond, and not take over the complete pond.
3) For this type of tiny pond, can I exploit a fish tank filter?

Thanks guys!!!!!!! Please be at liberty to give any other suggestions on the design in addition. Im so super excited and need all opinions possible so I will be able to make it awesome!!!!