Front Yard Design

front yard design
A great looking front yard design is every home owners dream. With these unique front yard design and landscaping ideas, you’ll be able to transform your front yard to create a stunning landscape.

Are you bored looking out the window and seeing an uninspiring, tired yard? Here’s a set of ideas to convert your bland front yard into an inviting and attractive landscape. A new and inviting front yard design will set the first impression of your property.

That said, choosing the right front yard design can be a daunting task. Generally speaking, the best rule of thumb for any landscaping project is to choose a design that fits your level of commitment and budget. Obviously the design of your home is going to have a big impact on the front yard design. For example, a stately manor with imposing columns will probably look best with a classic and more formal front yard design. On the other hand, a single story ranch may look its best surrounded with a more natural and welcoming design.

Regardless of the front yard design you choose, taking the time to draw up a set of plans is a must. Not only will plans provide a guide as you go but they will also help set, and stick to, a responsible budget.

Designing the Driveway

If your budget permits it, including a redesign of your driveway in your front yard design plans will allow a lot more creativity with the rest of your plans. In all but the largest yards the predominant focus is the driveways and re-positioning your drive for a more interesting use of available space will go a long way to creating an attractive front yard design.

A driveway redesign also allows for a choice of materials. Instead of asphalt, poured concrete or gravel drives can be works of art when surfaced with material such as brick pavers, stamped concrete patterns, interlocking stone, or even granite or travertine.

Designing the Walks

When redoing the drive, don’t ignore the opportunity to also spruce up the walkways in your front yard design. Depending on the size of your property, walkways and paths can follow straight lines from point to point, or take visitors on a more meandering trip from one destination to another.

Adding the Plants and Shrubs

Plant selection is often the area of where imaginations run wild. But a word of caution is also in order here: Many a front yard design has gone wrong by installing plants that don’t thrive in a particular environment, or that require a lot of attention that goes away when the newness wears off.

So your job is to choose plants that will grow where you live, won’t require a lot of care if you aren’t the type to provide it, and will also compliment your new front yard design. A good rule of thumb is always to take advantage of the experts at your local garden center. These folks are generally very knowledgeable of what will and won’t grow in your local area. They often also have very good ideas for plants you might not have considered.

Speaking personally, I have learned a lot from my local garden shops over the years and much of that knowledge came from the independent owners and not the big box stores.

Another often overlooked resource are your neighbors yards. If you like the look of a specific plant or bush and it is growing well for a neighbor the chances are that it will grow well for you too. This is not to say you have to copy a neighbor’s front yard design plant for plant. It means that it is OK to take note of what works.

Adding Color to the Front Yard Design

Color can be your friend or it can be your downfall. Generally speaking, landscaping has a bigger impact when designed with an overall color theme accented with splashes of color. While too few colors can result in a boring view, too many different colors can confuse the eye and even detract from the look and feel of the design. Also, often it is the brightly colored plants that will require the most care. Again, take advantage of your local experts and get their take on how much color to add your front yard design.

Accessories can be Stunning

Adding visually stimulating objects such as a birdbath or birdhouse to your design will not only attract birds but will also add a lot of interest to your front yard design efforts. Adding containers of different sizes to porches, walkway, and driveway borders offer spots to place your splashes of color and add visual interest as well. Depending on how formal your front yard design is, you may even want to place classic statuary in strategic locations as well.

Its Entirely Up to You

Hopefully these few front yard design ideas have provided a desire to get started on your own design project. Remember that it is really up to you on how to proceed. The most important things ares to have fun with what you’re doing, take your time so as not to miss anything, and stay within your budget. By keeping these in mind, you can’t go wrong.