Garden Design Accents – Pots

Garden Design Accents

Once your garden design has been realized and all the dirt has been dug, and the plants planted it is a great time to put some thought into which garden design accent pieces are going to make your garden truly unique and stand out in the crowd. Here are a few suggestions for your consideration:


Whether gathered in groups or standing alone pots of all sizes, shapes, and materials should be an important part of your garden design.

Pots can be used to bring focus to a particular plant, standing by itself in regal solitude, or in a group setting. Pots lend themselves well as accents to bring focus to a specific part of your small garden design such as the intersection of two paths, or a niche created in a garden wall.

Even the material the pot is made from has a role to play in your small garden design accents. Certainly the most common material is Terracotta which is a clay based ceramic without glazing. They are relatively inexpensive but will also often crack if left out in freezing weather.

Pots made with cement will stand up to the elements well but have the drawback of being very heavy. This isn’t too much of a problem if your garden design calls for a large, permanent accent installation but can cause problems if your design calls for a smaller container. If that is the case, cement pots are available in smaller sizes as well but still have a lot of weight.

Other materials such as fiberglass and plastic are now more attractive than they once were and can be used as an alternative to Terracotta or cement without giving up too much of the aesthetic look.

One good tip for all pots used in your new garden design accents is to install them on some type of riser so it can drain correctly and not become stuck to the ground.<!== google_ad_section_end –>

Garden Design Accents