Garden Design for Small Yards

Do you have the size of yard you need to implement all your preferred garden design and ideas? Do you have a large enough space to install the winding paths, secluded seating nooks, and all the shade trees you envision?

Or, do you have a small yard that doesn’t lend itself to any of these projects? If this is the case, don’t worry! Having a small yard doesn’t mean that you still can’t enjoy your garden design ideas. While they might not be a large, they will still be beautiful.

In fact, many small garden designs have a number of advantages over their larger counterparts.

  • They are easier to maintain all year round
  • They are less expensive to install
  • A really good small garden design can have a bigger landscaping impact on a small yard
  • A well-executed small garden design in a smaller yard can have a huge impact on the overall value of your home

There is no shortage of ideas on how to come up with a good small garden design. Just read below!


Using Paths in Your Garden Design

Front yard paths can have a nice effect on the curb appeal of your home. Creating a path using cobbled or even plain stone gives a welcoming feeling to visitors and a great look to the rest of the yard. For more interest you can add colored river rock around the larger stones and border the path with small, low shrubs.

Brick Borders

Another very popular option is to border your path with recycled brick. Often called “Chicago” bricks, they are also available from other locations like St. Louis and Milwaukee, each with its own look.

Using bricks to border paths, patios, and even the outside border of your yard is a great way to add a very distinctive look to your garden designing efforts.

Raised Flower Beds

This takes a bit of work, but building a raised flower bed or two for your small garden design will provide great visual interest as well as protected areas for your flowering plants.

Raised beds can be built out of wood (usually Cedar), stone, poured concrete, or concrete blocks.  If you decide to go this way, there are other issues to keep in mind such is drainage and irrigation, as well as building it correctly so it won’t fall apart. Do your research before starting this project, or hire a professional.

Adding a water feature to Your Garden Design

Without question adding a water feature to your garden can be almost magical. Installing a small fountain, a small pond with some falling water or even a stream adds an element of peace and tranquility it is hard to get any other way.

But, like a raised flower bed, you need to do some research to determine if this is a project for you. Bringing water into your garden design takes planning to get it right. When done right, it makes your garden design second to none.

But beware! Adding a water feature can get expensive very quickly as well as cause drainage issues (you don’t want your new water fountain draining into your house!).

These are only a few ideas on how to work different design elements into your small garden design. As you research further I am quite sure you can find even more ideas to help you complete your garden design.

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