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garden fencing

What Type of Garden Fencing is Right for Your Garden?

When deciding on installing garden fencing round your garden, bear in mind different fence types may serve different purposes. Fencing can serve as a privacy shield from trespassers as well as from neighbors peering in your garden.The right type of garden fencing t will add artistic appeal to the outside of your home. Garden fencing can be used as a part of your landscaping too. When selecting the type of garden fencing you will use in your yard you first need to decide what main purpose the fencing will provide.For example, if you want privacy fencing, you wouldn’t employ a chain length fence but would likely use a wood or PVC fence instead. You also need to understand your budget, as some types of garden fencing can be very expensive, especially if there is a large area to enclose. Accurate measurements of the area to be fenced in along with how high you want your new fence to be are critical to good results. Lastly, don’t overlook the general weather in your area as some types of garden fencing stands up to certain weather conditions better than others.

Once all this information is in hand, then it is time to shop for your new fence. Here is some of the different types garden fencing that you can choose from.

• Split rail fencing-it is a popular type one that homeowners prefer to install. You can have this type made in concrete or wood. This will give your home a rustic look. When made of wood you will have to paint it and repaint as and when necessary.
• Wrought iron fencing-it is the type to choose if you want a decorative high-end fence. It was very popular and was frequently used before chain link and PVC fencing hit the market. It is not a cheap option but there are benefits to using it, such as it needs less maintenance and last much longer than others.
• Wooden fencing-this is a favorite among people installing their garden fencing as a DIY project. The panels are strong and sturdy with many designs. You can paint or stain the it to match your landscape or home design. With wooden fencing how tall it can vary from a modest four foot to as tall as eight feet which provides excellent privacy.
• Chain link fencing-this is a safe, secure, cost effective fence. It is easy to install and one that many use for gardens and big areas. It is also unquestionably the ugliest of all garden fencing types. I would recommend chain link only in the most industrial of setting.

One type that many would not consider fencing is to plant hedges as an Eco-friendly option to other types of fencing. Thick hedges are hard to penetrate and look very decorative. The downside of a hedge is that it can take, literally, years to reach the height you wish. Or, if you install mature plants that have already reached maturity both the material cost and the installation labor increases dramatically.

Lastly, be sure to check with your local authorities if there are restrictions on any specific fencing types, what the installation requirements are, and if a building permit is required (in most locals it is). If you are hiring a garden fencing contractor they should handle all these details for you.