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Garden Ideas

Have you always wanted to create your own garden using your own garden ideas but just weren’t sure how to get it all started? Creating a living landscape from your own garden ideas is a very rewarding experience, and one you must really try.

The very first step to take is determine which “zone” you are living in. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) divides the North American continent into 11 different plant hardiness zones. Every zone is 10 degrees warmer or cooler during an average winter the zones bordering it. You can locate your particular zone here. This zone map is a tool to determine where different landscape plants can live successfully. It will do no good to install plants that can’t survive in your local climate conditions. Once you have located your correct zone you might find that some of your garden ideas will need to be rethought.

Next, you need to research which specific plants are growing well in the current season, or the season upcoming. There are different options for each season of the year, and you want to make sure that the plants you choose like the season they are planted in. Otherwise, they may not grow and produce like they should. Each area is different with respect to what plants will grow each season as some plants grow very well in very hot temperatures, and some like mild, or even cool, temperatures. Again, the results of this research may well result in your having to modify your original garden ideas.

If you choose to plant a garden in the summer, choose a spot that’s good for the plants you have selected. For example, most vegetables require full sun so your spot should be one that gets sun most of the day. Your garden ideas must also include enough space for each plant type you use to grow successfully. Keep in mind that some plants require more room than others and don’t like to be crowded. Give each plant the space it needs to grow best.

Next, make sure the soil in the proposed garden area is of decent quality and has proper drainage. The best garden ideas in the world aren’t going to work if the ground isn’t good. The soil needs to be able to drain but also hold enough water to keep the roots moist at the same time. You will need to use a good soil so your plants can be as healthy as possible. The local garden shop can be an invaluable asset here. Without question, they can guide you on what will be needed to be added to your soil to promote healthy plant growth.

Of course, along with plants come the pests. I’ll bet your garden ideas didn’t include them! But, very soon, the new plants you have spent time installing could be providing free meals to all sorts of local pests. Again, here your garden shop will be your best friend. Not only will they know what different kinds of creepy, crawly things are going to attack your new plants but they will also recommend the best pesticides to deal with them. Also, you can talk to other gardeners or look online and see what kind of bugs, fungus or disease is common in your area or on the plants that you choose to grow. Many of these problems can be prevented before they start, and that is the best way to deal with your plant’s problems.