Garden Ideas for Small Gardens

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Compelling Garden Ideas for Small Gardens

When people think of creating a garden, they usually envision themselves working in a large, sunny area while they tend to their plants. But many gardeners can find only relatively small areas to create their gardens. If you are in this situation, it is important to keep in mind that even a small garden can be an incredibly beautiful retreat from the outside world. Read some more garden ideas for small gardens.

Small gardens can greatly benefit from the strategic placement of a focal point. View the space that you have objectively. Your task is to locate the “sweet spot” in your garden area where you will install a focal point. What you choose as your focus point can be almost anything you want, a water feature, a seating area, an existing tree or retaining wall, anything at all. The key is to find a balance between using an item that will draw positive attention but will not make everything else in your garden seem irrelevant.

Using Containers in your Small Garden

One good idea is to make use of containers in your space. It makes sense to distribute containers throughout a small space. Containers can easily add a height dimension to your garden and they are a perfect way to try out new plants without having to disrupt your other plantings. Confining a new plant to a container makes it easy to get rid of if it doesn’t do well. Adding a number of containers to your small garden design allows you to change the look of your space anytime you wish. You can put a certain kind of soil in the container that best suits that specific plant, you can move the container around to make sure that the plant receives the amount of sunlight that you feel is best and much more.

Some gardeners prefer to keep their small garden spaces free from a lot of growing plants and put in just a few. My belief is that this makes for a very dull and uninteresting garden space. There should be a variety of different plants, although they should be chosen purposefully so that their colors match. In order to provide a bit of depth and make the space look bigger, install plants of different heights. Try to also choose some that have unique or differently shaped leaves.

Choose Color Based On Your Visual Goals
If your ultimate goal is to make your small garden look bigger then plant selection becomes even more important. A monochromatic look will visually increase the size of your space. Choose a color that you find pleasing and will compliment your surroundings. Then make your plant choices all in the same color family. The selection of plants with the same color avoids having too many different colors in a small garden which can easily make the space seem smaller than it really is.

Even though you might be concerned about trying out your gardening there are a number of methods to use to make the best use of the space you have. I truly hope that these simple garden ideas for small gardens will help you to get creative with your small garden space and create an oasis to die for.