Garden Oddities: Accessories, Features and weird Plantings

This text discusses some of the items you could use to brighten your garden. Various tastes are discussed which could help your garden stand out this spring and summer.
Garden Oddities: Accessories, Features and weird Plantings
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When driving through most residential areas, one inevitably notices how various yards and landscapes blend together—similar trees and flowers, typical wishing wells and other props, an analogous tailored lawns. One always appreciates a landscape that takes the road less traveled—as the poet once said. Installing that one-of-a-kind garden need pose a challenge only to the imagination. an artistic garden and landscape could be outfitted by an infinite array of props, plants and novel features for a special setting that’s destined to be a standout locally.

Of course—odd doesn’t mean eyesore or weird; for gardening purposes, odd can mean unusual and unique. One still wants to promote and alluring and engaging garden and landscape this is enjoyable and maintainable. Whatever features you propose to implement, keep your house and land in mind—a landscape cannot fool Mother Nature; your plan have to be to create a harmonious blend that includes unique features that adapt well on your soil and climate.

In the case of garden features there are lots of to think about. In and of themselves they can seem ordinary, but design and location can reveal hidden qualities concerning the features you install. Garden cascades, ponds, wall mounted fountains, labyrinths, mazes, fencing, patios and a myriad of alternative garden features can render a landscape like no other when designed to be standout focal points of the garden. Something as simple as a mosaic walkway instead of the cement squares one generally finds makes an unusual feature. In the event that your garden can have a theme, each feature should compliment the assumption. As an example, your walkway may well be constructed of bamboo for an Oriental theme.

Your garden pond, whether large or small, could be made less ordinary with a unique stone bridge or an usual style of plant to ornament it—an Amazon lily pad, for example. Garden bridges might be as simple as large flat stones arising over the water’s surface to a formal painted and lacquered structure with room for a table and chairs. Garden walls can be installed along the property lines or just to divide the patio from the remaining of the yard. Consider a garden wall with openings throughout for plants to weave through and around.

Garden accessories or props run the gamut from rustic to formal. So that they can install props which might be less typical than the wooden wishing well and the white trellis, you’ve gotten little trouble finding creative garden accents. Scour local flea markets for plant supports, containers and anything made or which may be adapted to resist the outdoors. Old wine racks may also be transformed into elegant plant stands. Wrought iron pieces of furniture will work in any style garden. A good way to adapt what you may have, terracotta pots should be would becould very well be painted or embellished with simple decorative finishes for any look you desire.

Your plantings may transform your garden into a one-of-a-kind landscape. Rather than a neat hedgerow, consider planting a small garden maze with a center for a distinct feature like a chalice well or statue. In place of a plain square bed of flowers, consider installing a flower clock or flag comprised of alternative colorful plants. Pleached features, topiaries and other strategically pruned plants will certainly draw attention to areas of your landscape. Fill containers and window boxes with plants not seldom seen there—but could be grown there easily enough. One sees geraniums and petunias aplenty. Consider other plants for a transformation.

Try some gardening history books for concepts to aid make your setting less usual and more a standout. By taking time to design your garden with unique features, you are able to find more fulfillment there and need to spend more time gardening than ever. You could even inspire your neighbors to design their own unusual gardens.