Hassle Free Pest Control – Without Chemicals

pest control, control pests, Spending time in the garden and in the fresh air is a wonderful thing. The sun on your face, the breeze on your skin and that annoying bug buzzing around your head just won’t take no for an answer! Here are some pest control tricks to keeping your garden bug-free, so you can enjoy your time outdoors with the family.

Don’t Given Them A Chance
Mosquitoes love stagnant water so be sure that you do not have any pools of stagnant water anywhere in the garden. Look for unused plant pots, buckets, kid’s paddling pools and other such containers where water may have pooled. These areas of water can easily become breeding grounds to mosquitoes, and they will lay thousands of larvae in just a matter of days. If you do have water features on your property like bird baths or ponds, adding a small pump to keep the water circulating. Any water standing more than four days is an open house to a mosquito.

Pest Control is Trash Control
If your trash and recycling bins are outside in the back yard, move them as far away from your entertaining area as you can. Also, make sure that their lids can be securely latched shut. Flies love to buzz around open garbage cans, and ants will be attracted to any sweet liquids that remain within recyclables that haven’t been throughly rinsed. Moving the bins away from where you eat will lessen the chance that these pests will disturb your family time outdoors.

Don’t Invite Pests To Dinner
If you are planning on eating outdoors, don’t leave food unattended and uncovered. This is the fastest way to attract flies and bees over to the dining table. It is easy to find food covering mesh cloths and domed lids both online and at your local retail store. Additionally, if food is spilled during the meal, do take the time afterwards to brush off or hose down the eating area. This will ensure that creepy crawlies are not attracted to feast on your leftovers.

Fragrance Help
Certain essential oils are very effective at keeping pests at bay while you are enjoying some outdoor time. Citronella is one very good example. It can be placed into an oil lamp or purchased in a candle form. When burned, it is a very effective bug repellent. In saying this, citronella only has a repellent radius of four feet, so you may need more than one lamp or candle to keep your entertaining area secured.

Know Your Enemy
Did you know that ants hate chalk and cucumber? You can easily keep these pesky insects away from any area that you want simply by placing a chalk line around wherever it is you don’t want them to cross into. A little online research will show you a number of natural, chemical-free pest control products that can be used to keep the critters at bay.

There you have it. When the spring and summer months roll around don’t be trapped indoors because the bugs have taken over your backyard. Instead, put some of these handy pest control hints into action, and enjoy the outdoors once again.

Hassle Free Pest Control