Home Landscape Gardening Ideas

Designing home landscapes is a fun activity. With proper planning and a little bit creativity, it’s possible to make a good landscape on your backyard. To get some good landscape gardening ideas, read on…
Home Landscape gardening Ideas

Landscape designing is a field where you get ample opportunities to display your creativity. Your backyard is one place where you’ll be able to try different things without the concern of making mistakes. But designing a landscape can be tricky. Plenty of things need to be considered when working on your landscape gardening ideas. There are lots of different ways to design a beautiful landscape.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind as you start designing your area.

  • Use the available space on your landscape to the fullest amount possible.
  • Be as creative as you wish but think of the effort it will take to create and maintain.
  • Have an idea of how many different types of plants you would like; their requirements will have an impact on your landscape gardening ideas and plans.


Chose plants that will grow well in your location. Try and plant something that blooms each season so your garden remains a treat for the eyes anytime of year. Consider plants of different sizes; you can create an attractive separation area with plants that grow tall. Another way to get height into your garden is to include raised flower beds in select locations. . The postulate of having a lawn in gardens originated in England. It rains evenly within the year in England, which makes it easy to take care of lawns. But lawns needs to be avoided in areas which experience the difficulty of water scarcity. For using water economically, micro-irrigation proves to be best.

Don’t forget that the lawn around your new garden will also be a part of your palette. This area might require some work be done on the soil and proper irrigation also needs to be included. Even the most beautiful garden will look bad if surrounded by dead grass.

Landscape Decor

Landscape decorations are meant to attract attention. They are frequently the focal points. Bird feeders, bird baths, hanging baskets and clay pottery are all good landscape gardening ideas that add to the relaxing environment of a garden. If your budget allows, or you can build it yourself, a small bridge at the entrance of a garden adds a great deal of charm. If your garden has tall and strong trees, installing a swing adds to the relaxation as well as the ambiance. One of my favorite landscape gardening ideas is to install a small deck. In many cases even a small deck acts as an extension of the home and provides more outdoor living area.

Water Features

A water feature can completely change the appear and feel of a home garden. A water feature can be a small fountain or an elaborate set up with ponds, streams, and water falls. There are many good resources online to help you choose which is best for your situation. Just remember that a water feature needs water, usually, electric power for a pump. This almost always requires professional help to be done correctly.


They can be expensive but greenhouses can give a distinct touch to any home landscape project. Children can learn an awful lot about the environment and living things in a greenhouse. A greenhouse can be large or small but all require work and, frequently, construction permits, to erect. Including a greenhouse in your new project is one of the most ambitious landscape gardening ideas.

Landscape Gardening Ideas by Famous Landscape Architects

As you work on your project you will do well to study the landscape gardening ideas of successful landscape architects.

Fletcher Steele, an American landscape architect has written many books on residential gardens, and wrote ‘Design in the Little Garden. In his lifetime he designed more than 700 gardens both large and small.
Thomas Church, another landscape architect, spent most of his time designing home gardens. He designed around 2,000 gardens and wrote many books including Gardens Are For People.
Frederick Law Olmsted is most famous for designing New York City’s Central Park. He enjoyed a long and successful career and wrote Designing the American Landscape
Studying the landscape gardening ideas of these famous landscape architects can’t help but be inspirational for anyone working on their own landscape gardening project.