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Planting Design Ideas for Immediate Impact

Day-to-day there appears a quicker and easier way of doing things and within the gardening world the TV makeover programs have done their fair bit to encourage us all to build a garden in a weekend. The wonderful thing about these programs is that the short and straightforward approach gets people available gardening for the first time and enjoying their own piece of Eden. But very soon they’ll learn that planting designs really do need time and just a little tender loving care to grow and blossom and it’s then that they’ll turn to knowledgeable garden designer for help.


Trees specifically are available all shapes, sizes and colors but there is nothing more satisfying than planting a seed and seeing it grow into a mature plant. You don’t must even go that far to get the genuine enjoyment of gardening. Buy a small tree from your local garden center, find the proper spot for your garden and you’ll almost feel the ground throbbing as it gets growing. Or go big with planting design and buy an enormous specimen, crane it into your garden with the aid of some burly gardeners and it’ll offer you instant impact sure but you may wonder what has happened to your bank accounts.

Inside the UK there is a way for planting great enormous specimen trees. We import them from across Europe, even Japan, and they are certainly able to make instant statements, provide instant screening and impact, but you can’t beat getting your hands dirty and with your personal planting design and watching a small plant mature into a larger one.

It’s now the time of year when it’s almost too late to start out planting shrubs and trees unless you’re going to be there to water them everyday through a protracted hot summer. In the event you can, wait until autumn and help these plants by permitting them to establish themselves the simple way. But you could perform a little things to create instant impact along with your garden designs.

Containers and Planters

Planting design has any number of ways you could do good things with pots. Plant up planters with exotic annuals, better still grow some vegetables. Mix tomato plants with aubergines and sow some basil around to inspire some cooking. Which you can even stretch to an olive tree – they make great plants for pots as you could move them into the sunniest spot within the winter. Planters can really help a garden until newly planted borders really get going.

Border Materials

Finish off your planting design and plant up herbs throughout the borders, chives, fennel, sage, parsley and coriander are all quick growing and create some great foliage – purple fennel is astounding lit up at night. And sow half-hardy annuals directly into the borders for some impact in exactly a number of weeks, Nasturtium Peach Melba is a favourite of mine under new trees. It will probably then be dug in at the top of the season to offer a green compost.

So next time you’re watching some personality on the telly creating a blinding scene in a weekend just remember they wouldn’t try this in their own gardens. Like every of us they like the satisfaction of doing planting design and installations for themselves, taking it slow out to feel the soil and grow something whether its some lettuce in a couple of weeks or a tree over an entire life.