Keep A Garden Journal

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Garden Journal
As you become more adept with your gardening skills, you’ll find that keeping track of what worked and what didn’t is made much easier if you’re keeping a record of everything you do. Here is where a garden journal comes in handy.

Although you may have an excellent memory, it is still difficult to recall exactly what you planted when. Keeping a garden journal as a written record solves that problem. You never know when you will need to reference what you did last season.

A Garden Journal helps create a successful garden

Developing a successful and beautiful garden has a lot to do with keeping track of what you planted and when you planted it. Make it a habit to record the name and variety of everything you put in the ground as well as the date you planted them, make sure you make a note of when you planted them. By doing this all the time, your garden journal will quickly become a valuable resource for your future plans.

A Garden Journal can prevent repeated mistakes

As your garden matures, you will quickly notice that some varieties will do much better than others. By faithfully keeping your garden journal up to date by recording what is working, and what isn’t, you are creating a valuable record of information to use in seasons to come.

In fact, recording the failures is probably the most valuable part of keeping an accurate garden journal. Recording the circumstances that contributed to a plant’s demise will ensure that you will not repeat those actions when it comes time to plant that species again.

Add Photos To your Garden Journal

Be sure you also keep a record of the positioning of your plantings and the patterns you wanted to achieve. This is easily done with an inexpensive digital camera and the pictures can either be printed and kept in your garden journal or stored online on one of the free photo sites such as flickr. Obviously, the patterns and positions in which you plant make a difference in your overall garden appearance. Keeping a photographic record will show what grows the best, where in your garden space it grows the best, what type of other plants you can place beside it, how much space they need to grow, and much more.

As you work on both your garden and your garden journal keep in mind that this is supposed to be fun or a way to relax from the cares of the day. Don’t make keeping a garden journal into a chore or something that you feel you have to do. Record just the actions you think are the most important, your garden journal needn’t be a record of every single thing you do every day. Remember, this is supposed to be fun and the creation of journal is to support that fun, not get in the way.

To get started there are a number of garden journal templates and ideas available, free, online. Follow this link to a free PDF download from arbico-organics.