A Kitchen Garden Is A Wonderful Thing!

kitchen garden

Make A Kitchen Garden Part Of Your Life

Grown right outside of the house, the benefits of having a kitchen garden in your backyard can be very time saving. In the current world of large grocery stores, most don’t have kitchen gardens anymore and all sorts of foods can be found year round with no strong effort of experiencing grown them. Despite this allure, the benefits of having a kitchen garden remains very real, and until you have tried the taste of a homegrown oregano as part of your pasta sauce that has been picked out right outside your back door, you may not comprehend what you are missing.

There’s certain initial work and expense involved with any backyard garden, but it is all extremely easy and very little work or investment. You may invest in developing a smaller area and also have it landscaped to create a gorgeous backyard garden, or you can purchase a few large pots and have them set right outside of the back door for easy access. What’s much more important regarding your kitchen garden is just what you decide to grow.

Many people with a kitchen garden elect to grow herb plants that they would likely regularly purchase at the grocery store. This is particularly popular with immigrants from other countries. They frequently bring or order seeds from their native homelands and grow them here in their kitchen gardens in order to still enjoy many of the same foods they depended upon in their home countries. For example, Italian immigrants once had gardens filled with spices and greens they used in Italy for their everyday cooking and to help supplement the things they bought right here. Asians brought over seeds of bitter melon and various cabbages for basics in their cooking. A lot of hybrid dishes seem to have been made that way and so are staples in American cooking today.

Starting with perennial herbs and perennial vegetables which are incredibly easy to grow crops is recommended. Rosemary, chives, oregano, thyme, sage, rhubarb and asparagus complete a good base for adding annual herbs and veggies. These base herbs will carry any chef through many recipes summer through winter. Supplemented annual herbs may be harvested and frozen or dried for off-season use.

Periodic veggies that are preferred with any kitchen garden are tomato plants. Being the countries’ most well-liked garden veggie, the tomato helps make the backbone of most kitchen gardens for good reason. Completely ready off of the vine in the summer, tomatoes are a real treat fresh from your backyard! They will taste much sweeter and well-balanced than grocery store tomatoes, and with the heirloom resurgence tomatoes are also beautiful and varied in shape and textures.

Peppers are another kitchen garden favorite. They also can be easily preserved and enjoyed fresh, and growing your own personal peppers will save you lots of money on grocery shopping. If you’ve never enjoyed the health benefits and simplicity of growing delicious fresh peppers before you ought to. Even kitchen gardens in the far north can enjoy a harvest of sweet peppers with the right types produced. Both tomatoes and peppers are as easily grown in pots as they may be in the earth.

Lettuces and other greens are another great seasonal kitchen garden enhancements. There are numerous kinds of lettuce with a lot of flavors, several of which you can normally only find in elegant pricey restaurants. Grow them yourself at home and appreciate gourmet right outside of the back door cheaply! Other seasonal greens including swiss chard, healthy spinach, cabbage, and microgreens are all expensive from the store too, and are very easy to grow at home. Save money on food shopping by growing your own greens.

Today, people are eating healthier and they are more interested in the quality and flavor of their food. If you’re still not sure about the ease of a kitchen garden, test growing a couple of plants in containers and watch your family enjoy the simplicity of picking fresh herbs for improving the household meal. Children love growing and harvesting these foods and the kitchen garden can become a project for the whole family!