Landscape Design Ideas

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EZ Landscape Design Ideas

Landscaping can add beauty, value and functionality to a home. However, before you  start buying plants or digging into your yard, it  is essential you are taking a inspect your yard and examine what you must do and what you ought to accomplish together with your landscaping. Begin by answering the next questions:

1. Are there problems with the yard, house, etc. that need correcting? Problems like drainage, erosion, exposed areas that need to be shaded, etc.

2. Do you have a list of specific needs and priorities? Are you planning for a flower bed or a vegetable garden or perhaps a patio sitting area for relaxing? Other considerations are whether you have children or pets or do quite a bit of outdoor entertaining.

3. Consider the layout of your property and the scale of your yard. A small house could be overpowered by planting big trees, but a large house and yard would be empty without them.

4. What do you have existing in the yard now? Do the prevailing trees provide much needed shade or are they old, sparse and need to be removed? Are there established plants you would like to keep? Or is the existing landscaping a collection of large, overgrown shrubs and perennials that need pruned or maybe removed?

5. How much light do you have to work with? Certain plants require almost full sun while others thrive in the shade.

6. What is your budget? Can you do your landscaping all at once or does your financial plan require that the project be done over a season or two?

7. Are there significant existing features that should be emphasized or maybe hidden? Things such as rock outcroppings, telephone poles, sheds, trash receptacles, etc.

Landscape Design Tips

When a landscape design is thoughtfully planned, it does more than beautify the property: It can also provide recreation areas and places to entertain. Well placed trees and shrubs can reduce heating and cooling costs. A good, well thought out landscape design can also add more living space to your home during the warm seasons and provide a window to the world and wildlife during colder months.

Even though the task of landscaping may seem overwhelming, it does not have to be. Begin by providing complete answers to the above points and then put together a domain inventory map or sketch of the yard. This should clearly show the house, lot lines, major features, large trees, fences, sheds, etc. Also make note of nearby influences such as noisy neighbors, dusty roads, nearby buildings and even prevailing winds.


Once you have these basics done it is now time to get inspiration! Look around the neighborhood and notice what plants do well, and likewise make note of plants that seem like suffering. Visit neighboring gardens and garden centers, and think about gardening books at an area bookstore or library. And don’t forget the internet in your search for good ideas.