Landscape Lighting Design

The proper technique to make your house look welcoming, even without entering it, is to have a breathtaking landscape lighting design. Let’s see some interesting ideas on the same, in this article…
Landscape Lighting Design

A lovely landscape design can give a magnificent look to the entrance of your house. Choosing landscape lights for beautiful landscape designs is fun, and a great learning experience. There are so many different types of landscape lighting ideas, that you can choose from. The right lighting can give your garden or lawn a grand and majestic look. In this article, we will discuss some outdoor lighting ideas, that you can maybe choose from, or you can come up with some of your own landscape lighting design ideas and share them with us.

Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Here, we will discuss some outdoor landscape lighting design ideas and some valuable landscape lighting tips, that you can read and follow. They can also help you decide what type of design and lighting would suit your taste the best.

Pathway Lighting
I’m guessing that most of you thinking about getting your landscape lighted up, have a walkway, through said landscape. Using LED landscape lighting for walkway lighting is a fantastic, and one of the most widely used ideas. You can choose small lights to flank both sides of the path, runway style! Or use big lights at greater distances, running along the walkway or driveway. Avoid using colored bulbs (other than the normal yellow), for pathway lighting.

Garden Lighting
Another landscape lighting design is to establish a focal point for your landscape. In this case, I’m assuming it to be a flourishing hydroponic garden. For those who do not know what hydroponic gardening is, it truly is gardening which does not use soil. LED grow lights for hydroponic gardens is a marvelous idea! It will gloriously highlight the plants in the garden, emanating a golden glow, drawing every eye’s attention towards it!

Point Lighting
By point lighting, I mean, having different kinds of lighting at different points, within the landscape. Suggested outdoor lighting points could be,
Two at the entrance of the landscape
Two at the mid point of the pathway
Two at the end of the pathway, leading up to the house
Pairs of lamp posts at random points throughout the lawn
Single lamp posts around the house, at regular distances, avoiding windows and doors
Stairway Lighting
One way to give your landscape an elegant touch, is to have appropriate lighting on the necessary locations. The stairway, leading up to the house, is the last portion of the journey from the entrance of the landscape, to the house. And it does not make sense to have the entire landscape lit up, and the stairs hidden in darkness. This is because, one, it could be dangerous, and two, it just looks dull and uninviting. So, use simple small LED lights to light up the stairway. They can be inbuilt into the stairs or with a small stand for themselves.

Aqua Lighting
If you have a small water body, as a part of your landscape, then lighting it up will work wonders for your landscape! If it’s a pond or swimming pool, one can have small spotlights or small flood lights as well. You can also use solar landscape lighting ideas for accentuating the pool or pond.

Strategy Lighting
By strategy, this is what I mean. You can place lamps behind objects, to give it a mysterious, come hither, effect. Shrubs and bushes are perfect for this idea. You can also affix lights above objects, so they are completely bathed in light. You can use a rock garden, a swing or some flowering plants for this. Another idea, is to have lampshades, instead of the regular lamp posts or spot lights. Visit a home improvement store, to find great deals on lamp shades. They could be transparent glass ones, outdoor candle lanterns or earthen lamp shades with patterned holes on them. These lampshades look best when placed on the ground, but you may also place them on low tables or rocks within your landscape.

This was what I had on landscape lighting design tips and concepts. Hope they helped. As I said earlier, to any extent further ideas are more than welcome. So keep them coming. Until then, enjoy your gorgeous landscape!