Making The Most Of Your Small Garden Area

Make The Most of Your Small Garden Area

One of the challenges of small garden design is, naturally, space. Unlike large gardens you will need to be much more disciplined in your approach. While experimentation is simpler in the smaller garden, you will want to spend some time planning. You have to be satisfied with fewer types of plants. Instead of purchasing a new plant spur of the moment, it is best to spend more time thinking about the potential new plant’s fit in relation to spread, height, color and texture.


With the smaller garden, it’s not as simple to accomplish such things as hidden turns and garden rooms. But this does not mean you have to discard the features of contemporary garden design. You will have options to do similar things on a smaller scale. Features such as retaining walls and hedges used to separate individual areas can still be utilized. But you will need to select smaller plants and possibly, a chain of sizeable rocks with interesting surface features instead of retaining, or decorative, wall. Another option is to install a gravel river such as is often seen in Japanese styled gardens. All of these options, and more, work very well in smaller spaces.


Another option is, in place of trying to establish areas or separation inside a single small garden area, you can develop various small garden areas which might be divided by nothing more than lawn. This offers you the chance to treat each one of these smaller locations as independent gardens each with their own theme.


Having a number of smaller spots separate of each other presents the chance to try new things promptly. When it doesn’t work, it is very easy to swap out different plants, or change the hardscape. Trying new things is what gardening is all about.


As usual, you must take note of your growing zone, especially the hours of sun vs. shade in the location that you’re planting. It’s not a bad strategy to do some initial site analysis for starters to learn which plants will grow best in the various areas of your garden. A little effort spent in planning will be worthwhile in the end.