Ornamental Trees – A Good Garden Focal Point

ornamental trees, trees, trees for privacy, types of treesTo look their best, and to generate the most appeal for your home, a garden should always have one or more focal points of interest and ornamental trees can create great interest in almost any setting.

There are a number of ways to get ornamental trees into your landscaping; if you have a lot of patience and plan to spend the next several years in your home, growing trees from seeds can have a lot of satisfaction but you do have to wait for them. If you want more immediate results purchase young ornamental trees in 3 or 5 gallon containers, ready for transplanting. If you have zero patience and want immediate results purchase your new ornamental trees fully grown and have them planted by professionals.

One word of caution is in order here. Trees have root systems and some will be quite extensive. This means providing your new ornamental trees enough ground space to grow successfully and also not to plant them where their root structures can cause damage to foundations, walkways, or plumbing. I suggest checking with your nursery man on a particular species’ requirements before planting.

Assuming you have opted for replanting young trees from pots, they will now need some attention going forward. Keep an eye out for possible parasites and remove any damaged leaves you do find.

It is also a great idea to keep your new trees trimmed as they grow. Remove smaller branches closer to the ground and prune larger branches to concentrate the tree’s energy in the higher branches.

Tree growth can be helped along with the proper fertilizer and this is another area where your local nursery is an invaluable aid. Consult with them as to which fertilizer is best fro your species of tree and local growing conditions. Whatever you do, don’t just buy some random fertilizer and apply it, you could actually end up killing your new prized tree!

With a little attention, a little effort, and a lot of nature at work, your garden will soon have a beautiful ornamental tree canopy!

Ornamental Trees