Patio Designs-Selecting the Right One

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Small garden Patio design

Patio designs don’t need to be a boring slab of cement connected to the back of a house. Most new houses usually come with one already included in the design however if you own an older residence or are buying an older home, an outdoor patio may not be included. It is easy to build a new patio area for your home providing you have some room in your yard, either front or back. You can invest as little or as much as you want constructing a new patio since there are countless methods to organize a patio into an existing yard for anyone who is imaginative. You can certainly make your existing patio area look bigger by incorporating some tips on hand.

There are a few important factors that you need to take into account plus some design rules you ought to abide by if you want to develop a outstanding added living area that you and your family and friends can enjoy for many years. Patios are very much like decks in the early planning phases.

Important questions you need to ask yourself about your ideal patio designs are…

  • Just what purpose will your patio serve? This answer can easily determine your designs for your location.
  • How big do you need the patio to be?
  • Do you have large events? How many invitees do you generally entertain?
  • Do I want a stamped concrete design, paver design or covered design?
  • What types of outdoor furniture are you considering using? Do you need to create space for a table and Hardwood Arm Chair Set, an outdoor living room set, bistro chairs and table, seating bench, etc.
  • What is the budget to spend?

The answers to all these questions, plus local building code requirements, will give you a good starting point on which kinds of patio designs will work in your yard.

Draw out Your Patio Designs First

You’ll be able to create patio designs which range from very simple to very intricate right from the comfort of the house prior to putting the first shovel in the ground. While still in the designing stage, take all you can visualize, both present and future, into consideration. For instance, if your objective is to eventually add a spa or hot tub to the patio, you must evaluate leaving that space as an clear area until you will be ready to use it. Also, remember to add lights, seats, plant containers, fountains as well as any other items which will be a permanent installation to your finished patio designs.

Once you have your design finalized and your budget established, the next step is to find a reputable contractor to do the job. Or, if you are handy and confident of your skill, begin the project yourself.

But those are questions for another article!

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