When to Plant a Garden

when to plant a garden

Knowing When to Plant a Garden

The best times when to plant a garden varies from location to location. Generally speaking, if you live up north the periods are going to be much different than somebody who lives down south in Florida. In tropical climates almost any time is a nice time for you to begin planting your vegetable garden.

The planting times vary and there isn’t any absolute date which you need to plant by. Some plants are really easy to deal with and definitely will grow basically year round which is good news! But of course there are lots of plants which do not grow all year long so we go over the ideal times when to plant a garden below:

  • – If you live in the Southwestern, Northwestern, or Southeastern parts of the country the perfect time to begin planting is in April.
  • – For those in the central (Midwest) section of the U.S. and the Northeast, the best time to start is in May.

Timing Matters

As you can see the times listed here aren’t really much different but the timing does matter. Another factor to keep in mind is your elevation. Living in a higher area will probably push your ideal planting time back some. On the other hand, living on the coast will help because your average temperatures will be warmer. If, for whatever reason, you are not able to get your planting done at the “right” time you can get an earlier start simply by growing your plants indoors to begin with and then re-planting them outside when the weather is warmer.

This is not really hard at all. Knowing when to plant a garden isn’t really as difficult as what comes after that. So, do your homework, select plants that are right for your area, test and prepare the soil correctly and you won’t go wrong.

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