Small Backyard Ideas

small backyard ideas
If the space behind your house is limited you are probably looking for some small backyard ideas to create a pleasing landscape in your limited space. Although this is not terribly complicated, there are a number of issues to be considered before you start the process. A thoughtful approach and proper planning will help to make the correct use of even the smallest spaces.

Even the most simple small backyard ideas should be sketched out beforehand. Or you may want to check out the garden design plans that others have developed. Even if you do end up with a garden design from someone else you can add your own embellishments to the plan and make it fit your personality and available space.

Small Backyard Ideas

Planning out your small backyard ideas before digging will help you use the available space effectively.

A streamlined design is often better for a small backyard space. Resist the temptation of over buying and keep the number of plants and accessories to a minimum. Cluttering a small space with too much isn’t pleasing to the eye and can end up being a serious maintenance problem as well. Keep in mind that, in some cases, less really is more.

Should You Add a Water Feature?
This is more a question of your budget constraints than design. While large water features like ponds and pools can’t be accommodated in small backyard designs, it is very possible to add a smaller water feature such as a fountain or bird bath. A fountain might be a free-standing type or even mounted on a retaining or boundary wall. Any type of fountain with moving water will add serenity to the surroundings but there are also expense, installation, and maintenance issues to consider: Both water and power must be available for the fountain to function so don’t neglect these issues when designing your space . Birdbaths may also be focal points of small backyards and generally don’t require flowing water. However they do need to be cleaned periodically.
Use Your Vertical Space
Among the best small backyard ideas for landscaping is to make use of the vertical space as well as the horizontal. Raised flower beds, Pergolas, and trellises can play a very important role inside the designing strategy of small backyard gardens. Using large vertical containers for plants is another way to take advantage of the vertical space.

Because space is a constraint in small backyard designs, any furniture items chosen need to be of appropriate size. In other words, consider how much of your limited space you want to devote to furniture. Even smaller lounges and chairs require quite a bit of space so they aren’t a hindrance in moving about. This is a completely personal decision but do be aware that installing furniture that is too large can end up blocking off a whole section of your new garden

In the end it really doesn’t matter how simple or complex your small backyard ideas are. What matters is that you take time to think how everything is going to go together before you begin the installation. If your design ensures that all your plants, furniture, and accessories go together well, you can have a garden of your dreams, regardless of size.