Small Garden Planning Ideas

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Small Garden Planning Ideas

Small Garden Planning Ideas

So now you have made the decision to follow through with your idea to turn a part of your property into a garden. You have an idea of where this garden is going to be located and now need to begin the actual design phase of the project. Now you are going to need some small garden planning ideas.

Ideally you’ve got some notion of what you anticipate from your new garden. But, when it comes time to set a garden plan on paper, a lot of rookie garden designers think that they don’t know where to start. A good site analysis will answer most of the remaining questions on the hows and whys of your new small garden.

An essential early step is to examine your future small garden site’s real characteristics: sun exposure, soil, nearby features… Take a truthful review of your site with a site evaluation sheet and employ that understanding to begin fine tuning your small garden layout. When developing your small garden planning ideas, it is tempting to leap right in and start choosing plants you really enjoy. But time put in evaluating your garden site will make designing your garden that much easier. Not all plants are going to be happy in your garden and it’s wise to know that before you start.

Take the time to carefully consider and complete a site assessment of your potential garden area before thinking about plants or styles. There is no point preparing for a garden woodland should you have full sun exposure and very few flowering plants will flourish in a garden site under a tree. If you’re cultivating vegetables, you’ll want the most effective place for sun exposure and nearness to a water supply. And so on. Once you know your site’s pluses and limitations, you can begin to flesh out your small garden planning ideas a bit more. This can be all the more vital in a small space garden.

Space limitations can be quite confining or very freeing. If you’ve always dreamed of a cutting garden to fill the rooms in your home with fresh flowers, a small garden area may not satisfy that aspiration. However, when you know you can only allow for about 5 types of plants or you realize you don’t have room for space hogs for instance swiftly spreading monarda or long vining pumpkins, half work is already done for you.

Regardless of how your garden planning ideas ultimately turn out, taking the time to think through the issues before planting or digging will save you time, money, and frustration later on.