Small Garden Design Basics

Small Garden Design Basics

If you are setting out on your first attempt at garden design, it can seem overwhelming. But don’t be discouraged, small garden design is just like anything else; once you get the hang of the basics, it’s really pretty easy.

For most people the basic concepts of small garden design are:

  1. It should be low maintenance. No one wants to be spending every weekend on upkeep
  2. The space should be usable all year, not just during spring and summer

To minimize the labor required in maintenance and upkeep consider reducing the number of plants you include in your design. The inescapable fact is that more plants equals the more maintenance required. And too much maintenance can make your new garden feel like just another job and not an enjoyable hobby. Be honest with yourself on just how much time you want to spend in upkeep and plan accordingly.

The number of plants can be minimized very attractively by the creative use of pavers, river rock or decorative gravel. If your space permits, you can also add appropriately sized deck or patio area.

Adding these elements have the additional benefit of creating a space you will want to visit during the colder months. A deck or patio area can be just as inviting in winter when all your plants have died, or have been taken inside, as it does in the midst of summer when everything is in bloom.

Also worthy of consideration in your small garden design are smaller trees, hanging baskets and, for the very adventurous, small water features.

Get some of the books, plan carefully, and you will create a small garden that will be a source of pride for years.