A Garden for the House Sounds Nice

a garden for the house

When driving through most residential areas, it quickly becomes apparent how the yards and landscapes all blend together. It seems that the homeowners all selected similar trees and flowers, typical yard ornaments and other props creating a dulling repetition of immaculately tailored lawns. But, still, a garden for the house does sound nice doesn’t it?

In such a sea of sameness, it is always easy to appreciate a compelling landscape effort that takes the road less traveled. There exists an almost infinite array of plants, features, pots, and props to make a garden for the house project truly unique. Creating that one-of-a-kind landscaping effort is a challenge limited only to your fertile imagination and available budget.

Work With Nature

Whatever features you propose to implement, never fail to keep the peculiarities of your house and property in mind. The best landscaping efforts will always work in harmony with existing surroundings, enhancing strong points and drawing attention away from any problems. In other words “it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”!
Also be honest about how much time you will have to maintain your planned oasis. It serves no purpose to install a dazzling and enticing landscape only to watch it die or become overgrown from lack of attention.

Garden Features are Many and Varied

In the case of garden features there is lots of to think about. In and of themselves they can seem quite ordinary, but a properly executed landscape design and location can reveal hidden qualities highlighting the features you install. Garden cascades, ponds, wall mounted fountains, labyrinths, mazes, fencing, patios and a myriad of alternative garden features can create a landscape like no other. Something as simple as installing a mosaic walkway rather than the bland, boring cement squares can create a stunning and unusual feature.

If your garden is designed with an over-arching theme each feature should compliment that theme. As an example of an Asian theme, your pathways may well be constructed of bamboo instead of stone or concrete.

When designing a garden for the house including a garden water feature, whether large or small is tempting. If included, make it more interesting with a unique stone bridge or an unusual plant such as an Amazon Lily pad to compliment it. An interesting garden bridge might be as simple as large flat stones above the water’s surface. Or, perhaps, a formal painted and lacquered structure with room for a table and chairs. Does this take both work and money? Yes! Is it worth it? Yes!

Garden Walls are Great for Privacy

Where privacy is a concern garden walls will add a lot of interest to a garden for the house. Walls can be installed along your property’s boundary lines or they can be used to separate areas within the yard itself.

Walls can be constructed by any number of materials to compliment your vision. You can even use plants as borders which will keep your space all “green”.
Garden accessories run the gamut from rustic to formal. Scour local flea markets for plant supports, containers or anything which may be adapted to resist the outdoors. Old wine racks may also be transformed into elegant plant stands Even old discarded headboards or even bed frames can work. Wrought iron pieces of furniture, the older the better, will work in any style garden.

Location, location, location!

How you place your plantings will do wonders to transform your garden into a one-of-a-kind landscape. Rather than a neat hedgerow, plant a small garden maze with a center for a distinct feature like a statue or other theme appropriate accessory. Rather than a plain square bed of flowers, think about a flower clock or flag comprised of colorful plants.

Pleached features, topiaries, and other strategically pruned plants will certainly draw attention to areas of your landscape. Fill containers and window boxes with plants not often seen but still easily grown in your area. Geraniums and petunias are safe favorites. Try some other plants for a more interesting transformation.

Do some research and look at some gardening history books for concepts to make your setting more of a standout. Take your time to design your garden with unique features. You will find more fulfillment and satisfaction from your surroundings.

Doesn’t A Garden for the House Sound Nice?

Backyard Design – Create Your Own Oasis

backyard design

With a bit of planning, you can turn your backyard into a calming oasis from the world, a family entertainment center, or even an entire, open-air home. Creating a backyard design doesn’t need to be expensive. There are any great numbers of simple backyard design tips which allow you to create the right outdoor area for your family, even on a limited budget.


h3>What Type of Backyard Design Fits You?,/h3>
To begin decide what the backyard should be. Have kids? Design a play area. It is easy to use colorful containers to store outdoor toys. Include a sitting and conversation area within eyesight for easy supervision. The sitting area could very well be as simple as a few lounge chairs or as lavish as a whole outdoor living area. Use weather resistant wicker furniture and colorful throw pillows to decorate.

Want to use your backyard for BBQ and outdoor entertaining? Then your backyard design must include seating areas as well as an outdoor kitchen area. The “kitchen” can be as simple as a charcoal grill and a picnic table or an elaborate built in gas range with running water, refrigerator and food prep space. Your design will be influenced by your budget.

Maybe Just a Retreat for the Two of You

You might prefer a non-public backyard retreat for just yourself and your spouse. This can be designed in a small, secluded area of your backyard, near the wonder and beauty of your garden, or surrounding a soothing hot tub. The furnishings on your personal backyard retreat can range from a cozy garden bench, a hammock, or a repurposed love seat from indoors.

The accessories and lighting effects chosen to embellish your backyard living space set the mood and atmosphere for this portion of your home. Citronella candles are great bug repellents and add a subtle, peaceful glow in your backyard retreat. Creating visual interest with colorful accents, like pillows, placemats, and chair cushions, make your backyard design very inviting. Placing festive vases filled with flowers as table décor brightens up any space. Hanging wind chimes with a soft sound creates a calming, peaceful space.

Think About Your Lighting

Lighting is an important part of your backyard design. If you do lots of outdoor entertaining at night, you need proper illumination. Especially near your dining and food preparation areas. Making use of 12 volt systems rather than household current lighting both saves money and allows for more creative lighting designs. If you space gets a lot of sun, use solar powered lighting around patio edging and pathway. They need no wiring so installation is straightforward and simple.

Don’t Forget Storage

To keep your backyard retreat enjoyable, as well as presentable. include sufficient storage options. Garden tools and maintenance equipment should be out of sight in a shed or even under the deck. Garbage containers can be housed inside the garage or behind a decorative wall. Plants and trees also make wonderful barriers, in addition as terrific backyard decorations.

Backyard retreats can be as simple or as extravagant as your tastes and budget allow. Careful planning and just a few furnishings can transform your basic backyard design into a relaxed outdoor haven or a bright and exciting island vacation!

Landscape Design Basics

landscape design basics

Landscape Design Basics

What You Need To Know To Landscape Your Yard
By Cheryl D. Jones

You’re certainly not alone if you feel overwhelmed when you think about how to approach your home’s landscaping. It’s probably safe to assume that most homeowners who do DIY landscaping projects have felt the same. We’d like to take a moment to help you gather your thoughts and help you focus on some simple essentials that will help you organize your landscape design basics so that it’s not overwhelming. Escape the landscaping runaround with these simple suggestions!

Get your motivation focused! You can do this by organizing your thoughts in a fun way. Pinterest is a great website and app for organizing ideas. You can organize ideas into categories, such as examples of landscape styles that you think you like, to types of plant cultivars that may suit your area and your tastes. If you’re not comfortable using an app to organize your ideas, a simple folder with print out ideas and magazine cut-outs of ideas is essentially the same thing and can be a lot of fun to put together- especially over the winter months. Involve your family, especially your children! Organizing ideas first before you begin planting will help you feel a lot less overwhelmed.

Start really small. You don’t necessarily have to landscape your entire property in one single go. In fact, breaking your landscape design basics into mini-projects is advisable because your property is going to have different types of mini-environments, and will all be seen and used differently. Getting to know your property before you plant it will help you be more successful and avoid problems later on. For example, if curb appeal is important to you, start with the foundation planting areas around your main front entrance. Get to know the site well by noting how much sunlight and shade the area gets, how moist it is, how prevalent winds affect the area. This is the time to learn about what your USDA hardiness zone. This will help you know what plants can survive in your area.

Once you’ve gotten to know the first area you want to landscape, couple it with the ideas you’ve gathered on Pinterest, or in your folder, or how ever you’ve organized your initial ideas. For example, if you’ve fallen in love with the idea of planting lots of white blooming plants and your front area is mostly shady and dry, start making a list of shrubs that have a white bloom that do well in dry shade and are hardy in your area. Keep your list handy for when it’s time to shop for your plant material.

When it’s time to shop for plant material, using an online mail order nursery can be a real help in making your project a lot easier. You don’t have to travel to nurseries and haul heavy plants around. You can take your time using a well-working search function to narrow down your plant choices which will make your shopping experience easier. Trust in an established nursery company that has a good record of excellent customer service and offers the best plants and supplies plus stands behind their products.

Cheryl D. Jones, shares gardening tips and landscape ideas through her blog, newsletters and her nursery’s website. Visit https://www.GreenwoodNursery.com/ for a full line of plants including trees, flowering shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses and ground covers. Join the Greenwood Gardeners Club free to receive Greenwood Nursery’s weekly newsletter, seasonal promotions and 10% off your first order.

For more learning on landscape design and information, check out our article on [https://www.greenwoodnursery.com/page.cfm/89148]Landscape Design Basics. Information on budgeting, planning, ideas on adding hardscape elements, and much more are included here.

Landscape Design Basics

Backyard Landscape Ideas

backyard landscape ideas
Do you want to know of some exciting and unique backyard landscape ideas on a budget? If yes, then confer with this newsletter for suggestions on methods to do backyard landscaping on a budget. Wade through the rationale carefully in your own advantage

The backyard of your own home may be made a pretty place to spend some quality time along with your entire family while you can take some efforts within the right direction. Generally, it has been observed that many homeowners neglect the backyard completely and it is usually filled with waste materials. By keeping it clean, tidy and well maintained, you cannot only improve the whole looks of your house, but in addition get peace of mind and clean neighborhood. Backyard landscaping on a budget will be done in case you plan things in a systematic manner. A lot of persons fall in need of the ideal backyard landscape ideas on a budget and hence they may be seen postponing this crucial task. Given below are some fantastic backyard landscaping plans and concepts.

Backyard Landscape Ideas

Having colorful plants is probably the best suggestions for backyard landscaping on a budget. You could plant attractive and colorful plants for the backyard landscape design. Generally, big sized plants will look awesome if in case you have a big backyard area. If the backyard area is comparatively smaller, then you definately can pick the medium sized or small sized flowering plants. Delphinium, Clematis, Alyssum and Viburnum are some colorful plants which could surely give your backyard a shocking look. Watering the plants regularly and taking care of them will probably be your responsibility. There will likely be some plants that may be needing more water than the others and hence try to be prepared to give it as and when necessary. Choosing plants that could survive in drought in addition in your backyard could be a really nice idea.

Backyard landscape ideas on a budget may include preparing stone paths for your backyard. It’s a must to have observed such stone paths in luxury villas and bungalows. They will indeed give a totally beautiful look for your backyard. They not only help us in walking, but additionally help us to scrub the realm more easily. Before you start the work for the stone path, you want to sit and plan from where it’ll start and where it’s going to end. Before you lay the rocks, check if they’re of excellent quality and in addition clean and dig the path with assistance from a spade. Another thing to note is it is is imperative to moisten the soil before you lay the rocks.

Having a water feature for your backyard is usually one of several backyard landscape ideas. The water feature can enhance the look of the backyard to an amazing extent. The complete expenditure could be much less in case you opt fora small pond or a fountain rather than a huge swimming pool. The backyard of your private home is a place where you could relax for it slow together with your near and expensive ones. But, the infrastructure needs to be such that the place is convenient for all of you. So, you could create wooden benches as the furniture items inside the backyard. Get the benches done attractively with quality wood from a carpenter. Over the benches, there needs to be a well made canopy with a purpose to keep the surroundings clean from dirty and rain water. The canopy cost will rely upon the type of cloth you utilize. If the budget is small, then use an easy material that is durable. Attractive hanging lamps would be the proper kind of landscape lighting you can try to your backyard.

Hopefully, this text on backyard landscape ideas on a budget may also help you know the way to dress your backyard well. loads of creativity and tough work is required for landscaping and you may gain expertise while you do a couple of tasks to your own. The whole best for the activity!