The Williamsburg Collection

Whether you might be a seasoned landscaper, or simply enjoy outdoor home improvement as a novice, the Williamsburg Collection is a group both forms of outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy. If elegance, class, and ease are all stuff you want to incorporate into your outdoor haven, consider investing in Campania International’s latest collection. The Williamsburg Collection offers a broad spectrum of products all designed to integrate an eighteenth century theme with both English and American influence.

This collection is good for all backyards, landscapes, and gardens. It incorporates polished, refined pieces with the precise amount of embellishment and decoration. The collection will fit nicely with heavily ornamented areas which might be missing that one special piece, in addition as smaller, more uninhabited landscapes that need only one amazing garden furnishing to bring the world to life.

Envision boxwood hedges, elegant terraces, and classical urns. This unique, distinctive style inspired by American gardens from the eighteenth century is influenced by particular architectural patterns and garden design books fashionable in England at the time. Volumes of these design books may even be found in Colonial Williamsburg’s rare books collection.

The urns, stands, basins, columns, and other various garden accents displayed in these English design books were a large influence on American landscapers; however these gardeners generally preferred simpler, less adorned versions of these outdoor water features. Campania International’s new Williamsburg garden arrangements pay homage to these American gardeners by offering pieces that remember form over ornamentation and display a decidedly refined, aesthetically pleasing design that’s still quite modern.

There are a few exceptions in this collection however, which can be more appropriately grouped with the intricate English design of the eighteenth century. Campania International could not resist including their duplication of the spectacularly ornate urns which are a central focus of the Governor’s Palace Grounds: Colonial Williamsburg’s most famed and elaborate garden.

The garden is famous for its cool green areas, neat flower gardens, fenced pastures, carefully trimmed boxwoods, and big shade trees. Typical forms of flowers found within the gardens include the dogwood, redbud, peony, German and Siberian iris, and the Oriental poppy. Other colonial sites which might be found in historical Williamsburg include the Bruton Parish Churchyard, the Carpenter’s Yard, the Duke of Gloucester Street, Great Hopes Plantation, Market Square, Palace Green, and the Play Booth Theater, each of which have its own special influence on the Williamsburg Collection.

The beautifully meticulous urn replicas are the correct complement to the better, more traditional American pieces that make up probably the most of the Williamsburg Collection. Some of the urns the collection offers include the Classical Frieze Urn, the Cherub Urn, the Swan Urn, the Neoclassic Urn, and the Orangery Urn, to only name a couple of. There are also countless other beautiful garden additions offered by this charming collection, not limited to pedestals, stepping stones, birdbaths, and planters.

In combination, the two extremes of an identical era come together to present an awesome selection of historically influenced garden furnishings and outdoor water features. Any of these pieces are guaranteed to turn any garden or outdoor oasis into an environment of elegance, sophistication, and grace.