What to Do with Stump Grindings

stump grindings

When you chop a tree on your garden, you might be left with a tree stump. When you are not in a position to incorporate the tree stump into your existing landscape, you then ought to chip away the stump via a stump grinder. But what to do with stump grindings? Let’s take a look.

Trees are a beautiful addition to any backyard garden. They not only provide you the much needed shade but also make the air around the house far more breathable. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to remove some or all of the trees to make way for other projects. In this kind of situation, the tree is cut down, leaving a stump. Most owners will attempt to incorporate the stump into their existing backyard landscape plan, but others feel that the stump looks unsightly. In that’s the case then it becomes necessary to remove the tree stump completely. And the easiest way to do that is to hire a professional tree stump removal company or rent a stump grinder and do the job yourself. Tree stumps are notoriously difficult to remove from the ground by digging and a stump grinder is really your best option.

A stump grinder is a large power tool with a rotating cutting disk that grinds the tree stump into small chips. The stump is chipped away until it is at ground level and no longer a distraction. But what do you do with the stump grindings? You can’t simply leave them where they are! Listed below are a couple of good ideas that will help you in making use of your stump grindings.

What to Do With Tree Stump Grindings?

After a tree stump has been ground to small chips by a stump grinder, you’ll be amazed at the large pile of shredded stump you’re left with. Since leaving the grinding out within the open will do nothing to enhance your garden,there are other ways to put it to good use.


One obvious tip on how to use stump grindings is to take advantage of it as mulch. But some caution is in order. Before you utilize the grindings for mulching, you have to be certain that the tree stump you just ground is not disease infested. The last thing you need is to be spreading disease carrying wood chips around your garden. If the tree was healthy you are good to go to use the grindings for making mulch. Load up the wheelbarrow with a load of the new stump grindings and transport it to other areas of the garden. Spread the new grindings in a 1 to 2 inch layer over exposed soil. For best results add the stump grindings to your beds and rake it into the soil. This will help the grindings decompose directly into the soil and increase the nutrients. One note of caution if you are working with pine; pine grindings are very acidic and adding too much of it may increase the acidity of the soil making it difficult for any plant to grow.


Another choice is to use your stump grindings as an important ingredient in creating compost for use as fertilizer. Many gardeners will have a composting set up using a small plastic drum or container to develop compost but a drum is not strictly necessary. Watch the short video below about the different ways to create compost. Once your compost is ready, you now have an almost perfect fertilizer to add to your garden.

These were a couple of ways to make very good use of your stump grindings. But neither option may appeal to you. If you have no use for the grindings either as mulch or as compost you may still be able to put them to use. Many small nurseries may be willing to take them off your hands.