Wooden Fence Designs

wooden fencing, garden fence, fencing, garden fencing ideasBeautiful outdoor décor for lawns and gardens lend an aesthetic look to any home. Gardens are places where you’ll relax and rejuvenate with nature. Beautiful gardens provide a welcome relief from the daily hustle and bustle but a garden doesn’t seem complete without a fence. A fence is used to create a border to separate a specific area from other adjacent areas around your property. A garden or border fence also keeps a garden private and safe. There are many kinds of garden fences and materials which can be used to make your space feel secure. Wooden fences are amongst the most preferred kinds because of their lower costs and design possibilities. Before you decide for any wooden fence design, there are some things to be kept in mind.

-The architecture of your house
-The primary function of the fence (decorates, border, privacy)
-Size of your budget
-Total linear feet of fence required

Wooden Fence Designs

As mentioned above, wood is a favorite material choice for fencing. Wood is a versatile material and easily lends itself to many different designs. Wood is also very cost-effective and, depending on the type of wood used, relatively low on maintenance. For example, Cedar is very popular because of its natural high resistance to rot and weather. In addition to Cedar, Redwood is another popular choice because of its wonderful color that never requires stain. In short, it is hard to go wrong with wooden fencing

Houses which are located away from urban centers, in the county often make use of split-rail wood fences. These add a feeling of privacy but have a pretty, rustic look. These fences derive their rustic character from the unfinished, rugged timbers that are used in the construction. Often, you can still see beautifully styled ranch houses surrounded by such wooden fences.

Other homes benefit greatly from traditional wooden picket fences. Picket fences can be built with the pickets separated from each other to not block a view, or with the pickets overlapping for complete privacy. Picket fences can be very short (3 or 4 feet) when used for borders, or up to 8 feet high when built for privacy. Regardless of the end uses, it is a simple yet effective design.

Another design element for a wood fence is to use distressed wood in its construction. Using wood that has been salvaged from older construction give your brand new fence the look that it has been there for many years. Besides the pleasing design, using salvaged planks is good for the environment as well.

Lattice wooden fences work very well in almost any garden. They help to hide unsightly areas and are great for climbing vines such as Ivy to add even more dimension to your garden area.

There are countless varieties of ornamental wooden fences which are designed for a specific home and use. These are designed to complement the design of the home and are built to the homeowner’s individual requirements.

Despite the type of options available for fencing, wooden fencing has its own beauty that is unique. You can complement a lovely garden or an entire yard with these ideas for wooden fence designs.